Can OneFee Find My Books? Where You Might Have Lost Them

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We have made it to the end, finals are here and the semester is over. That calls for many additional items on your to-do list, including “get that D up to an A” and “find my textbooks I haven’t been using.” With all the additional stress from exams, the bookstore and the Maryville One Fee have made book returns easy this year! Now, onto finding those suckers. To help, I have compiled a list of places to look:

Somewhere in Your Car (Trunk, Back Seat, Dashboard…)

Thanks to the Maryville OneFee, students’ books are ordered and waiting. Make sure to check the back seat of your car where you put them after you picked them up that August day. Many students like having their books all ready to go at pick-up, but some have different opinions. “I don’t usually use all my books, so I don’t like how I paid for all of them when I don’t even use them,” Taylor Luebbers, sophomore, said. At least on the trip to the bookstore, you can try to get another one of those reusable bags.

Illustrations by Catherine Kleiss.

Under Your Bed 

Books are full of information: pages and pages of facts about rocks, medicine and marketing strategies. While this impressive amount of knowledge could be read, it also can be Googled. Many times, books find themselves covered in dust under your bed, next to a pair of old socks and that shoe you’ve been looking for, so make sure to check under there first.

In Your Desk

Yes, you have a desk. And yes, there was a time when you thought you might use it. Try checking in the bottom drawer next to the package of loose leaf you haven’t needed.

In the Northface Backpack You Definitely Needed

Look in the pocket of your backpack you never open, it could be the answer to the mystery of why your bag is so heavy and back always hurts. Mystery solved.

At Your Bae’s Apartment

Let’s reminisce on the nights where studying never included studying but rather four hours of Guitar Hero, a pizza and a walk home in the morning. Now find that book and see if there are chapter summaries we can brush up on.

Illustrations by Catherine Kleiss.

On the Coffee Table (Or Anywhere Near the Netflix Account)

That 6-inch textbook on anatomy makes an even better footrest. These textbooks are overwhelmingly useful and the options are really endless. Check the coffee table, and maybe under the couch if you’re still stumped.


Good luck in the book hunt…and with that 65 percent in humanities. Remember to find and return those books to the bookstore by December 18. The bookstore employees think “it should go a lot smoother this year than in the past. No more dealing with money which will be nice.”All you need is your ID and the books, in any condition. December 18, people!

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