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Boo Valentine’s Day: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Ode


  In tribute to the great rapper Lil Wayne “Love is in the air and I hold my breath ‘til my face turns purple.” For those who are single or taken or simply just aren’t interested in the famous holiday, there are several options.  Considering the history of thi... More »

Life of the Mardi (Gras)


Show me your… beads. Mardi Gras is coming up and it is a huge celebration in the St. Louis community. Mardi Gras is a festival that technically marks the end of the carnival season. It always occurs the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which is when lent begins. ... More »

Baby Got Books: Spring Break Reading List


Maryville loves to read! We asked Maryville students what books they kick back with when they’re not holding a textbook. Here are 15 must-read book recommendations from around campus.   1) A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Cliffnotes summary: The ye... More »

Quiz: US Presidents 101


How well do you the presidents? This quiz will test your knowledge about some presidents. More Posts More »

The Maryville men's basketball game experience


As the semester comes to an end, athletes here on campus are truly put to the test. Not only do they have to deal with the stress of everyday practice, but they are also slammed with final exams and projects. Saturday afternoon, the mens team had a game agains... More »

Practicing Safe Credit: Considerations Before Getting a Credit Card


Let’s be honest, are we really thinking about Fair Isaac Corporation scores right now? It’s safe to say that it’s more than likely not crossing our minds as much as getting our degrees. The closest thing to credit scores we’ve come across is probably creditkar... More »

Maryville Hoops while Kids Rock Cancer


“You could tell there was something different in the air,” said Jimmy Barton as he described his first experience at #1000Saints. For a second year, athletics partnered with Maryville University’s Kids Rock Cancer program to create an unforgettable night for e... More »

Spring Break Destination: Staycation


You don’t have to go out of town over spring break to have a good time. Staying in St. Louis can be entertaining and exciting. There are many different things to do like tours, parks and classes that you may or may not have thought about doing before. If you’r... More »

Lean on Kathleen: Vote Giang for Student Body President


Every vote counts at the upcoming election. Maryville Student Government will be holding the spring election Tuesday, March 7. Students will be able to vote for student body president and members of the senate. Once the members of the senate are sworn in, the ... More »

Opinions: iPrefer Laptops Over iPads


Maryville University is known for their advancement in technology and incorporating it into our learning experience. The university was named an Apple Distinguished School in 2016. iPads are supposedly essential in the classroom for students and professors, be... More »