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Don't do Curls on the Squat Rack


In the past few years, Maryville University has seen significant growth on campus. This growth includes two additional workout areas, the new fitness addition to Simon and in Saints Hall. Both of these centers feature cardio and exercise machines, pull-up bars... More »

Humans Of Maryville: Erik Shaefer


Why are you majoring in mathematics? “I chose mathematics, because I’m kind of a nerd and because math has job security. Financial math, actuarial science, isn’t that big, so the pay could be great as well,  depending where I want to end up.” Why did you choos... More »

Quiz: US Presidents 101


How well do you the presidents? This quiz will test your knowledge about some presidents. More Posts More »

Mind Over Matter: Ignacio Giganti


At some point in our lives we may have asked the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” The bitter truth is that there’s no definite answer to that. We’ve all come down to the same conclusion that life just isn’t fair. However, in the midst of li... More »

Maryville Hoops while Kids Rock Cancer


“You could tell there was something different in the air,” said Jimmy Barton as he described his first experience at #1000Saints. For a second year, athletics partnered with Maryville University’s Kids Rock Cancer program to create an unforgettable night for e... More »

Both Sides of the Pipeline


Why read about the Dakota Pipeline? There are two sides to every story. It is important to understand both sides of any issue in order to make an informed decision. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a controversial topic in American society right now. Yet not ever... More »

Lean on Kathleen: Vote Giang for Student Body President


Every vote counts at the upcoming election. Maryville Student Government will be holding the spring election Tuesday, March 7. Students will be able to vote for student body president and members of the senate. Once the members of the senate are sworn in, the ... More »

Opinions: iPrefer Laptops Over iPads


Maryville University is known for their advancement in technology and incorporating it into our learning experience. The university was named an Apple Distinguished School in 2016. iPads are supposedly essential in the classroom for students and professors, be... More »