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Quiz: College Town Trivia


How well do you know your college town? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on St. Louis trivia and tweet us your scores @MvillePawprint! More Posts More »

St. Louis Drift: Driving 101 for the 314


Rain or shine, it never fails that St. Louis drivers almost run you off the road. To be honest, I’m getting a little tired of it. So listen up St. Louis, grab a snack and hop in because we’re going back to the basics. First off, speed racer, speeding to cut me... More »

100 Clubs and Counting


At the start of the fall semester of last year, Maryville set a freshmen enrollment record. This month, Maryville passed another milestone. The campus officially has 100 organizations, compared to 22 organizations in 2004. When Ally Crust, assistant director o... More »