Boo Valentine’s Day: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Ode

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pasted-image-0In tribute to the great rapper Lil Wayne “Love is in the air and I hold my breath ‘til my face turns purple.” For those who are single or taken or simply just aren’t interested in the famous holiday, there are several options.  Considering the history of this tragic holiday, it may be best that we let this day rest in peace rather than celebrate it by giving into a market created by the Hallmark Card Company.

It begins with the end

First off, this holiday has its origins in death. A few centuries ago, a man named Valentine was killed because of his love for his jailer’s daughter. History would tell it that he sent his lover a letter just before his death, signed “From Your Valentine.” Why would anyone want to memorialize that?

Is this really about love?

Next, the holiday seems to be most important to women, considering that out of the 1 billion cards purchased every year, women purchase 85 percent of them. Men might not really be interested in showing love in such a public way when it can be shown on any of the other 364 days of the year.  It’s really just a time for overpriced candy and flowers that will be marked down the next day. “I honestly hope that my significant other would never give me flowers, they’re going to die, I’d rather get something I can eat or use,” Lynda Oppong, senior, said. 

S.A.D. aka Singles Awareness Daypasted-image-2

Finally, the final nail in the coffin. Valentine’s day can be a reminder of every failed relationship someone has ever been in, as well as reaffirmation of the fact that one is alone rather than cuddled up with a significant other. No one needs that kind of negativity in their lives.


So for those of you who are strongly opposed to celebrating this holiday in love-filled bliss, here are a few things that you can do instead:

  1. If you shred a photo of your ex at Hooters on Valentine’s Day, they will give you free wings. screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-11-59-05-am(Picture Courtesy of Hooters)
  2. Rather than following the herds of people that will be going to see any of the various romantic comedies or chick flicks, go see a horror or action movie instead. screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-5-21-45-pm(Photo Courtesy of Google)
  3. Gather your other single friends and have a Galentine’s Day. Check out this article about how to have a Galentine’s Day celebration. “You can have a food party, where everyone brings food and watches a movie, like John Tucker Must Die,” Ashley Willmeno, junior, said. pasted-image

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