How to Have a Productive Summer Break

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Ice stuck to a car window during this winter. Photo courtesy of Darnell Canady.

When the semester is over and summer break is here what is there to do? Some suggest joining the workforce during these summer vacations.

Having a job during college will help you build your resumé for future job endeavors, but it’s important to look for work that relates to your career or specific major.

This will require you to know what you want to do professionally, but it is easier to show progress as you’re pursuing jobs your senior year and after graduation when you have credential work experience. 

If you choose a workforce wisely and do great work, you may be even given a job offer before you go back the break ends. Volunteer work also provides crucial experience for college students, and will look good on your resume.

Picture of a cloudy Maryville, photo courtesy of Darnell Canady

Another way to spend a summer break in college is by obtaining an internship. Internships are a great stepping stone to get hired into your dream career right out of college.

Internships provide hands-on work that give students experience in their field and teach them details they aren’t able to learn in the classroom.

If students want to add traveling to their resume, there are many programs that allow students to intern abroad. 

“I plan on going abroad to Paris, France this summer for my major in Art. ” Gabrielle Stotler, a Maryville stu­dent says. 

Click here to find internships that relate to your major.

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