The Shut-ins guide to the lockdown 2

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Hello again everyone, last article I wrote about the experiences I had during the time of the Covid-19 Lockdown. This article will be looking into the life of another person outside the United States and a very close friend of mine. Barry Athila-Myers in Thunder Bay, Canada

We sat down in a discord call on a nice afternoon and I decided to ask a few questions, which he graciously agreed to answer about his time in lockdown. Here are a few of his answers after we sat down for the call.

How did you first react to hearing your area was getting locked down? 

“I was honestly really worried about my jobs seeing as I was in the food industry.” Barry works at a major chain restaurant so the lockdown struck him hard, changing work hours and sometimes not being able to work at all.

Has anything really changed for you since the lock down? 

“Besides work hours I’ve been working around the house more as I am off work more frequently.” He found being with family to be a good thing, trying to help around the house to alleviate any pain.

Do you have any funny stories about this time? 

“due to my lockdown, we have a lot of free time on our hands. I walked in early to clock in only to see everyone dancing to bohemian rhapsody. Not much at home” Seems across the world boredom makes for strange events, but it shows that people can come together to lessen the pain and boredom of this unsure time.

Lastly, Do you have any words of wisdom or encouragement for those in lockdown? 

“best thing I can say is, just find a hobby or something to occupy your time or else you’ll go stir crazy.” This may seem like a simple tip but it is very important. This is a time where you need to find something to do that will take your mind off of the bad. Be it books, movies, games or making models for example.

I want to thank my good friend Barry for taking the time to discuss these things and it is rather eye opening to see just how the rest of the world handles such a time.

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