Swipe Right, Swipe Left: A Look at Tinder

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Tinder Inc.

In a digital era, nearly every college student has heard of Tinder. In fact, a large majority of students have actually used the app. Some love it, and some hate it. What is it that makes users swipe right or swipe left?

Ben Berberich, sophomore, is a fan of using Tinder. He has met four different people there. In fact, he met his current boyfriend, Tyler, on the app. Berberich had his first interaction with his boyfriend after Tyler “super-liked” his profile. Berberich said he did not know what a super like meant at the time, but seeing that caused him to message Tyler right away. A super like shows that an individual has more than the average interest in someone else.

“With today’s society, online and social media dating is becoming more and more common,” Berberich said. He found that Tinder was a great place to find relationships, instead of meaningless hook-ups he found on other apps.

Berberich admitted that he was scared the first time he met his boyfriend. The two had been interacting on Snapchat before the date. “As with any first date, the nerves of meeting someone for the first time were there,” Berberich said.

Berberich feels that Tinder gets a bad reputation. Since online dating has not been around that long, he believes that some people see it as a joking matter. He said that it is much more common to find someone online or on different apps. “Even Instagram and Twitter have been becoming apps where people can start talking and dating.”

Ben (left) and his boyfriend, Tyler (right.) Photo courtesy of Ben Berberich.
Ben and his boyfriend, Tyler (right). Photo courtesy of Berberich.

On the other hand, some students do not take part in the trend of online dating. Micah Murphy, sophomore, does not have a Tinder and she has no intentions of getting one. “I don’t want a Tinder because I like to meet people the traditional way,” Murphy said.

Murphy feels that it is better to meet someone at school. She likes to get to a person and spend some time together before going on a romantic date. She feels that meeting someone in a class or on campus would make dating simpler. “It makes it easier and convenient,” Murphy said.

Murphy explained that Tinder is not popular where she is from and perhaps that is why she has been discouraged from downloading the app. Even though she does not use the app, she is supportive of others who do. “I don’t have anything against it [Tinder]. It’s just not something that I would do.”

Many love to swipe, while others do not. Online dating is tricky business. Below are some tips on safe online dating:

While online:

  • Never give out any confidential personal information.
  • Be cautious of fake accounts.
  • Block any users that make you feel uncomfortable.

When meeting someone you met online:

  • Always meet in a public location, and stay there on the first date.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going.
  • Drive yourself. Do not get into a stranger’s car.
  • Stay sober and use your best judgment.
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