Saints Style – Summer Trends!

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In this edition of Saints Style, we will be discussing up-coming summer trends that we’ve seen online and in-stores! With warmer weather and the end of the semester quickly approaching, we want to give you a comprehensive guide to summer styles. We hope you enjoy our summer round-up!

Summer Trend #1: White Linen Button-Up Over Swimwear

Every year there seems to be certain swimsuit cover ups that take the fashion world by storm. This option is  creeping across social media as the temperatures start to get warmer. A short sleeve white linen top allows for a light material that adds a bit of sophistication depth to someone’s beach-wear. It can be worn off the shoulders or also more traditionally, to add some character to a summer look.

Summer Trend #2: Knitted Fabric

This trend has been making its rounds for the past few summers and has proven that it is something that will stand the test of time. Knitted fabrics at first glance might seem unsuitable for warmer weather, but when worn correctly can be a stunning summer look. This example pictured comes from @driporsipuk on Instagram, which is a fashion page based in the United Kingdom that rates various trends. The knitted dress is the perfect combination of the traditionally warmer fabric with a smaller piece of clothing that covers less skin. This makes for a cute and unique piece that provides different textures to be a part of your summer wardrobe.

Summer Trend #3: Belt Bags

A new trend coming up this summer is belt bags! Easy to wear and adaptable to any outfit, these are the perfect accessory to take on the go. Whether you’re traveling to a new destination, exploring your own city, or running errands – this bag has everything you need! In the photo below, Matilda Djerf is styling a belt bag from Prada with a slicked back bun and comfy, casual outfit. (@maltidadjerf)

Summer Trend #4: Denim

Our fourth and final trend is denim! This is a fashion staple that comes back around every summer but it’s getting a new look this year. Longer denim shorts, overalls, and straight leg jeans are all great options for more casual summer looks! Comfort is key in the summer, thrifted denim pieces are also a great way to stay comfy while also participating in the trend. These two photos from Pinterest are great examples of styling denim! In the first photo, the girl paired some longer denim shorts with a lighter, flowy tank top. In the second image, a girl is seen styling a pair of overalls with a cardigan and a tote bag for her walk on the beach!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Saints Style! With our summer style guide, you’re guaranteed to be prepared for any summer activity – watch out for our next edition of Saints Style coming out in the next couple of weeks.

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