Racks on Racks on Racks: Holidays Working Retail

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As the Holiday season is coming around the corner, customers want to get the best deals and the best presents for loved ones. Customers yell at retail employees about long lines and low inventory, making working this season every retail workers’ nightmare.

Black Friday: you either love it or hate it.

Some people look forward to this day. Others despise it and can’t imagine missing their Thanksgiving to just save a few bucks. No wonder there are online sales the following Monday, because some people don’t want to be in the Holiday shopping mess that happens around Thanksgiving and Christmastime. For most of companies Black Friday happens to be the most grossing day for sales revenue 0f the entire year. Nothing like being thankful for your family on Thanksgiving by rushing to the mall in the madness to fight over a shoe sale.


But the retailers’ perspective… That’s another story. For us retailers, it’s a day that we don’t enjoy working. The crowds, the lines, the angry customers and the long hours. Not to mention the amount of sales that are going on that you can’t even wrap your head around and all the out of stock items you have to tell your customers about. These are all things that they deal with every time they hit the floor.

We would all rather be with our families, but we’re here working, making last-minute holiday shopping possible. We have left our families during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve for your last minute shopping needs. Be nice to us.

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For those of us working during the holiday, we don’t really get a holiday break at all. We spent it working for all the madness during Black Friday. We learn during the holidays that Black Friday shoppers are not that much different from a full-blown rioters. Welcome to the holiday season fellow retail workers and seasonal associates.

As the door-buster doors open, we are scared for our lives and are evaluating why we are in the store working now.

We begin to pass out on our 15- to 20-minute break. I mean who wouldn’t with these crazy hours? With working 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. getting ready for the shoppers and then back for a 4 p.m. to close shift, we get no sleep during the holidays.

Getting gifts from us is a nightmare. There are no beautifully wrapped gifts from us retail workers. You see an overworked associate who is trying to get through a 12-hour day without getting yelled at from a customer. We tend to feel a little hostile around the sparkly bows and twirly ribbon after hour nine. 

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No matter how much you like the holidays you can become anti-Christmas like the Grinch. You hear so much of the Christmas music you feel like your head is going to explode. So now we all hate the holidays, we use to enjoy this…We look forward to the Red Bull and Monster girls that bring us free energy drinks that are much needed, my friends.

So be nice to the workers. Try not to yell at us too much, maybe bring us a cookie or try not to turn the floor into a complete disaster of clothes we just folded and remember that we are spending our holidays here. 


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