Opinions: iPrefer Laptops Over iPads

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Maryville University is known for their advancement in technology and incorporating it into our learning experience. The university was named an Apple Distinguished School in 2016. iPads are supposedly essential in the classroom for students and professors, because they are accessible to everyone.

However, I’m not a fan of the iPads. I’d rather use my Macbook Air because it’s easier to use. I don’t like typing on the touchscreen, the apps crashing often and the small screen size. It’s also distracting in class. Many students don’t use the iPads for educational use in class, but rather for playing games, texting friends using iMessage or checking our social media. I don’t think this is helpful in class. The laptop has more convenient options for me. I can have multiple tabs open and easily transition between them. The keyboard has shortcuts and more features like commands, options (alt), control, escape (esc), etc. 

Students are using their Apple laptops. Photos courtesy of Jenny Nguyen.

“I like having an iPad, I just don’t like the technical problems that come with it. For part-time students, like me, we borrow them from the library. Doing so creates a lot of headaches for us to get what we need,” Angela Layton, part-time student, said. “Also, since I don’t get to keep it, my notes would disappear once I gave the iPad back.”

“I just prefer using my laptop compared to the iPad, because I am able to type faster on my laptop. I had some issues connecting my bluetooth keyboard and since then, [I’ve] just stuck with the laptop,” Anastasia Psara, nursing student, said. “Also, I feel like I can alternate between tabs much faster on my laptop than on the iPad. I don’t think there should be an alternative [from iPads], because a lot of classes at Maryville are based off of apps we all use in class that everybody can access. If someone didn’t want the iPad and got an alternative, they wouldn’t be able to participate completely.”


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