New to the Lou: Condado de Fiesta!

It doesn’t matter what city I’m in. There is one type of cuisine that I will always seek out no matter where I end up. Mexican! Time to fiesta like there’s no manana at Condado Tacos in Ballpark Village in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you’re anything like me, you love an Instagram-esque spot to explore and a place to select items off the menu. At Condado Tacos, you’ll never run out of things to look at or take pictures of, or flavors of salsa to try!

The sights inside Condado Tacos, equipped with indoor and outdoor seating!

Photo Courtesy of Maddie Hill

Last semester, we visited Amigo Sole on the Delmar Loop. Amigo Sole is a quaint, secluded, family owned Mexican joint, and Condado is a rather flashy, bustling restaurant. Be prepared to raise your voice within your table inside Condado, because the atmosphere can get to bumping!

Both Amigo Sole and Condado Tacos have their identifiable traits, and each environment holds a different sentiment. If you’re up for a night out on the town, than Condado is the place for you- or a friend or two.

As I mentioned, you really could play iSpy while munching on your exotic salsa combo or tacos. The art written on the walls of Condado add to it’s energy and spirit.

Ball Park Village side strip where Condado Tacos is located.

Photo Courtesy of Maddie Hill

What makes Condado Tacos different than most restaurants that serve Mexican food? At Condado, your tacos are served in a tin foil wrap, meant to keep your taco from falling apart or spilling. Most of the tacos on the menu also came served with a hard-shell paired with a softshell. I had only ever heard of Taco Bell using this method, so I was at first skeptical.

Lucky for me, there was nothing to be skeptical about. The hard-shell, softshell combo is second to none.

When my date and I ordered our chips and specialty dips, we were met with their chips and dip policy. “As long as you have dip, we have chips!”

We decided on the “smoked-cheddar queso” and the “traditional guacamole.”

Skywalker Mann, student at Harris-Stowe State University says that he thought the tacos were a little expensive, but changed his mind when he took a bite. “These tacos are like premium gordita crunches from Taco Bell” he says. “The aura of the restaurant was very colorful and bright”, says Mann, “It was a very open vibe.”

Don’t worry Saints, although the typical taco sells for around $5, there is a happy hour every day from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. where you can receive $1 off each taco!

Follow Condado Tacos on Instagram @CondadoTacos or surf the kickin’ menu here.

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