Maryville Soccer: From Germany to the USA

It has been a good 2021 year at Maryville University for Saints soccer captain Cedric Sengl.

Last year, Sengl was selected to participate in the Midwest Pro Soccer Combine. The combine allows players to showcase their ability in front of professional coaches which could lead to a pro contract. The senior midfielder from Wetstetten, Germany, also received All-GLVC second team, and third team that year.

To Sengl, this sport is more than just a game.

He says “being able to excel both in the classroom as well as on the field with my teammates. Having that camaraderie and being able to compete in a National Championship year in year out is a great experience that generates lifelong memories.”

Sengl talks about how you need to work hard on and off the field to maintain his productivity. He also mentions that it is sometimes important to just relax, take a day off and do nothing to recharge for the upcoming activity. 

“Hard work pays off on the field as well as on the academic side of things. Nothing is given to you and you have to earn everything. Also making sure to take some time off and make the best out of the off days to recover your body for the next practice or game.” 

GLVC Champions 2021

Sengl said that he likes to imitate other athletes. He likes players that are really technical and have a good understanding to the game, by watching them he believes he learns the most.

Sengl also talks about how important it is that his coach prepares well for games. He says “coach makes sure everyone knows their role in the game and also restarts, Additionally, he puts big emphasis on recovery, sleep, and hydration before games. Right before games he goes over restarts with us and makes sure everyone is on the same page”.

After a good year of soccer for Sengl, it wouldn’t be surprising if he gotten an opportunity at the next level. Speaking to him about what he thinks an ideal soccer player is, he said, “a complete player is one who is competitive, has discipline and a strong work ethic, and is prepared to learn.”

To reach a high level of soccer, it is important of Sengl to stay on top of these terms, but without his friends and his family supporting him nothing would be possible, he said.

The year has also been challenging for Sengl, he mentions that the COVID-19 pandemic made it much more challenging, on and off the field. Which made the college life experience a quite bit different than usual.

Sengl mentions that he wants to stay involved with soccer after graduation, he hopes that he could get an opportunity to play soccer professionally in the next years.

“Soccer was and will always have a big part in my life,” he says.

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