I Got Rid of Facebook for a Week and Here's What Happened…

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I have an addiction to my cell phone, I’ll admit it. At least once a day, someone will tell me a story and I completely ignore them to watch Kylie Jenner play with her puppies or read-up on the latest beauty trend I’m too lazy to try. So with that in mind, I gave it all up for a week and here is what happened…

Day 1

I am so over Facebook and Twitter. They distract me and I chose to look at them when I’m driving, in class or at lunch with other people. It is so rude of me to be so addicted to social media.

I deleted the apps, deactivated my Facebook and gave myself only Instagram and Snapchat to use for the week. (Going on a full-blown no social media cleanse would have been much too stressful, and I would lose my snap streaks.)

Day 2

I accidentally logged in and re-activated my account, but caught myself and deactivated it again. It’s so habitual to click the link when I open my internet. Clearly it is a real addiction.

Day 3

It’s so nice not to worry about what is going on online. I have more time, I am being more productive while using my computer and I have focused on putting my phone away when I’m driving. I have small tendencies to see what I’m missing, but not logging in tests my self-control.

I’m being questioned as to why my Facebook is gone. It reminds me of how much is online for people to see, and how many people are searching for my page.

Day 4

I miss Facebook. Instagram is okay, but I miss knowing what everyone is doing and what news people have shared. My friends are starting to send me screenshots of things happening online, what people are wearing and who they are with. Makes me realize how weirdly satisfying it is to know about other people. Also it’s weirdly creepy that I am curious about what is going on in their lives.

Day 5

I never want Facebook back. It’s so dumb, I have gotten all of my homework done and got one of my grades from a C to an A. Facebook was clearly a huge distraction for me, and not having it has only bettered my study habits and how I spend time with my friends. I looked at a magazine in Schnucks and realized how ridiculous it was for me to be so interested in what flavor smoothie Jennifer Aniston is enjoying.

Day 6

I thought I was spending less time on my phone, but I have been informed; “You’re still on it a lot, you still have Instagram and you still text all the time,” Kevin, my boyfriend, said. Apparently he has seen no change. “Notice how last night I had ask you multiple times to get off your phone and pay attention to me.”

Day 7

I’m not getting it back. I am keeping it deactivated until after finals, when I will have more free time. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get rid of social media and enjoy more of every day. I have more time to think about me instead of obsessing over who someone took to formal or watch cooking videos for an hour. I am looking forward to the change; something I never thought I’d say.


Even though I gave up my social media, my phone habits seemed to stay active. I thought I was doing well in staying off my phone, but my boyfriend and my mother thought differently. “You’re still on your phone too much, it’s bad for your eyes and I know you just started a new Netflix series” my mom said. Yikes, guess I should tackle those New Years Resolutions early.

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