Humans of Maryville: Lucas Winkelmann

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Photo courtesy of Henry Wynd.
Photo courtesy of Henry Wynd.

Why did you get started with photography?

I took a class in high school called media. We learned about photography then and it interested me a lot. I never pursued it though, until I met Henry and Jake Wynd my freshman year at Maryville. We wanted to explore the city more, and we decided to bring cameras along while we did it, capturing landscapes and each other having a good time. It was a way of escaping what was going on in our everyday lives and just appreciate what we have around us.

Is it your passion? If so, why?

I’m super passionate about it, because it provides an escape for me, and I feel as though there’s always something I can learn and get better at through photography.



Here is some of Lucas’ work:

Photo courtesy of Lucas Winkelmann.
Photo courtesy of Lucas Winkelmann.
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