Humans of Maryville: Katy Haas

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What made you want to pursue a career in physical therapy and what are your your goals?

“After going through two years of physical therapy after my ACL surgeries, it opened my eyes to what all the profession entailed. I liked how it incorporated teaching, helping others and science. As of right now, my main goal would be to specialize in sports rehab. I’d also love to work in a clinic that helps professional athletes.”

What do you look forward to most?

“I look forward to helping my patients. I’m ready to start making a difference in peoples’ lives and helping them in any way that I can. It’s always just been something that I’ve done. Plus, my friends call me the mom of the group. I always just assume the role of the helper. I know it will be such a rewarding job, and I can’t wait to get to that part of my life.”

How has Maryville University prepared you for your future?

“Maryville has prepared me in numerous ways. I work as a Pack Leader and that’s taught me how to be a good ambassador, have great communication skills and how to teach people about our university in a fun and exciting way. Also, in each of our classes we are taught professionalism and how to best represent ourselves in all that we do. When we finally get to go out on clinicals, that will be the best way that Maryville helps prepare us for what’s to come. They teach us all of the basic information we need to know at school, but having so many different types of clinical experience will be what really makes us the most prepared for our future.”




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