Humans Of Maryville: CJ Hendricks

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CJ Hendricks photo courtesy of Katie Mann
CJ Hendricks smiles for a photo. Photo courtesy of Katie Mann.

#HumansofMaryville feat. CJ Hendricks:

What’s your major? Why did you choose it?

“My major is pre-engineering, and I chose this, because I enjoying working with materials hands on. I am fascinated with the chemistry and math included.”

Why did you choose to attend Maryville University?

“I picked Maryville, because of the friendly and interactive community that comes with the university. It’s an added bonus to compete at a collegiate level with a great team and a supportive staff and faculty.”

What’s your favorite memory at Maryville University?

“I enjoy every time our team competes whether it be a training session or a match.”

What is advice that you would give?

“Enjoy the college experience while staying on top of studies. Time management is an important skill.”

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