Humans of Maryville: Adam Zobrist

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Photo courtesy of Adam Zobrist.

What influenced you to study abroad specifically to London?

“I decided to study abroad in London, because I thought that submerging myself in a new culture would be beneficial to my future plans. I thought that living in a new market would give me an advantage later on to work with companies that operate on a global scale.”

Have you been able to explore different cities in Europe while studying abroad?

“Since I’ve moved abroad, I’ve visited a number of places. I’ve been able to get to a number of cities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Germany and I’m planning on heading to Greece. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to see most of Europe on a budget!”

What advice would you give students considering studying abroad?

“If you’re thinking of studying abroad, take the chance now. You’ll never be able to travel the world like you can with a study abroad. You take normal classes, but get to explore so many amazing places along the way.”

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