How's Your New Life

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Over 30 new international students were welcomed to Maryville’s campus this spring semester. Students came from Nepal, Saudi Arabia and all over the world, leaving their hometowns, families, and friends. Their new lives have just started in U.S. Exciting experiences in Maryville are waiting for them.

When a Maryville student from Nepal, Nick Shrestha, was asked about his life in the United States, he said, “Actually this is the first time to come to the United States and studying here was one of my dreams. Beautiful buildings, scenery and nice people make me excited, so my new life is good,” Nick said.

The United States is the one of the most popular countries for international students around the world. There are over 17 million universities in this country. More detail is Here. Then why did he choose to study at Maryville from a lot of universities? “First of all, people in Maryville and stuffs are really friendly. They were so kind for me. And education system is better than my home country. Programming and stuffs which I wanted to study are available in here.” He said. Choosing the best fitted school is not easy for students, however he could reach Maryville and is excited to learn surrounded by good environment. Finally, “After studying here, I would like to explore by software for my family’s business. Now my father is doing garment factory in my home country, so the knowledges and skills which I learned will utilize for his business, and home country.” He told his future goal.

Nearly one month has past since the beginning of the spring semester. New international students may get used to live in here gradually. They will be able to enjoy a lot of campus events or amazing experiences at the same time. College life at Maryville will be great for them!

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