How to Get the Guy: Tips for Attracting the One

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Now that some of the eligible bachelors of Maryville have been identified, it’s time to attract his attention. Men are interested in many things, but here are a few factors that play a part in attracting a crush’s attention. 

raw-3Intelligence:  “So…my highlight is so…perfect”

In this day and age, a lot of men are attracted to a girl who knows more than what Kim Kardashian is up to or the fact that her highlighter flows perfectly with her contour. It is important to keep up with other news that is happening in the world. If asked an opinion on the current election, one must be able to explain why you voted for whomever, other than so and so just sucks. It’s appealing to have diverse taste in different topics outside of the normal, such as current events, philosophy and music. A good conversation is an extremely good sign that he may be a good match.


raw-2Looks:  Say yes to those curve defining yoga pants

Right off the bat, the first thing that a guy will see is how a girl dresses. A female has very different styles; athletic, preppy, comfortable, even good old-fashioned sweats and a t-shirt. If it looks good, it is definitely encouraged to wear it to impress “the one.” Once the guy has been trapped in your claws of love, feel free to loosen up your style, rock those sweat pants with the unidentifiable stain. “I still dress the same as I normally do, however, when my crush is around I definitely put in a little extra effort,” Muna Abdella-Hazak, sophomore, said.


rawConfidence: Be bold and fierce

Being shy is nice and all, but when trying to attract the guy, at some point one must convey interest and desire. If done improperly, one can find themselves in the dreaded friend zone. It’s hard to escape that. It is extremely important to make your feelings known. Men typically like a confident girl as well who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, “I typically like to crack a joke, or do an arm touch that shows that I’m interested,” Katy Haas, fourth year physical therapy major stated. By doing this interest is conveyed but not over exceedingly so.



Maryville Couple Spotlight: What was the first thing that attracted you to your significant other and where did you guys meet?”


img_0547Lynda Oppong and Forrester Sims

“Definitely her Afro along with her demeanor. We first met in gander, where I would see her every
once in a while.”- Forrester Sims

(Photo Courtesy of Lynda Oppong)






img_0548Connor Markell and Kayla Torry

“We first met in the Simon Center, she was outgoing and easy to talk to.” – Connor Markell

(Photo Courtesy of Kayla Torry)








img_0554Rob McGee and Angel Ford

“We first met in middle School but didn’t start dating until high school. Her demeanor was different from other girls, and she was into sports…and that tho” – Rob Mcgee

(Photo Courtesy of Rob Mcgee)






Now that he’s single and you know the best what to get him, go get your man! Let Pawprint know if any of the tips worked! Tweet us @MvillePawprint!

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