Finals Playlist: Music Perfect for Studying

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Music to know: Finals

The stress of finals can be a lot for students, and many find peace in music. Some prefer calming sounds with no lyrics, others relax to the sound of dubstep. Whatever your preference, here is a playlist of songs we think you should know for finals week.

If I Was A Fool by Josh Turner and Carson McKee

Okay, hear me out on this one. This song is easily the most impressive combination of guitar, mandolin and voice I have ever heard. The best part? It’s recorded live in a basement by two guys who sound amazing together. Give it a listen and find yourself in love with the storytelling lyrics and relaxed vibe. Bonus: motivation to get your work done and learn how to play an instrument like them.

Hallelujah by Lindsay Sterling

This song has no lyrics, making it a perfect studying song to keep you focused on your work, but keeping you awake and motivated with its intensity. It’s also a Christmas song, which is motivating in itself to keep your eyes on the prize: Christmas break.

Welcome Home by Radical Face

This indie song has a fast tempo which helps to keep you focused and working. The quiet lyrics are a perfect background noise to your term-paper writing and flashcard-making night. It is calming and mellow to help destress, too.

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed

Disturbed is not known for their slow songs, but rather their heavy metal sound. In this song, the balance between the gentle piano and the singer’s dark voice make for a beautiful balance and create an intense, motivational study song.

First by Cold War Kids

While being a little more mainstream, this song keeps a steady beat and uses peppy drums to establish a calm and focused atmosphere. It makes for great background noise to your next study session. Bonus: you don’t know the lyrics so you won’t be tempted to sing.

Something Like Olivia by John Mayer

As one of my personal favorite songs, John Mayer gives a mellow and fun vibe while singing about his dream girl, Olivia. A fun guitar tune combined with simple drums are a great way to get your study on.

Old Pine by Ben Howard (Peking Duk Remix)

This song has more of an electronic vibe, either to wake you up at 3 A.M. or stay focused so you won’t be up that late at 3 P.M. The original song is good alone, but I like the remix and it’s tendency to get me motivated to get done. It has gentle lyrics and does a nice job of fading out other noises to keep you focused on your work.

American Money by Borns

This is a more alternative song, with confusing lyrics and a trippy music video. I like it’s alternative feel and the way it keeps a loud, steady beat combined with loud vocals and gentle guitar. Easy to study to and stay on task, give it a try. “I like this song, because it is so upbeat. It keeps me motivated and awake when I am so bored of studying,” Kaelyn Creely, junior, said.

Good luck with studying, and don’t forget about practicing safe habits during this stressful week. Breakfast is important, sleep is important, and remember to relax. You can do it, finish strong!

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