Did You Miss the Madness?

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1louisWhether it be the smiling faces of students and faculty on TV screens in the hallways, to the motivational signs on campus, school spirit is easy to come by as a Saint.

One of the staples for Maryville athletics is Moonlight Madness, an event similar to a pep rally every fall to introduce the winter sports teams. This event took place on Oct. 15, 2016 in the Simon Athletic Center.

The Madness included dance routines performed by Maryville’s cheer team and a traditional dance and chant performed by the wrestling team. The slam-dunk contest was won by Zach Beel, freshman, and the 3-point champion is Ali Ringering, junior.

While Louie can be seen all around campus at Maryville events, the face behind the mascot can be found at events off-duty, too. Alex Rich, senior, describes Maryville’s campus as having a family-feel. Pep events like Moonlight Madness “really allow students to see what our campus has to offer,” Rich said.

As an active member on the rugby and cheer teams, Andrew Mandziara, senior, calls this his favorite event on campus. Although he was kept very busy prepping for such a large event, “It was worth it when I heard the audience,” Mandziara said. “It was a lot of work, but getting to do it with people I like to be aroundcheer-pawprint-janderson makes it so much better.”

Few things are better to college students than being in an environment with such spirit, free t-shirts being launched into the crowds or cheering on their favorite teams. Whether a commuter or on-campus resident, every Maryville student knows what it means to be a Saint at Moonlight Madness.

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