Closer by The Chainsmokers Feat. Maryville Parking

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Close spots in the lot by the apartments fill up fast. Photo Courtesy of Aileen Wolk
Close spots in the lot by the apartments fill up quickly. Photo Courtesy of Aileen Wolk.

A number of perks appeal to having class later in the day, sleeping in being a driving factor. However, there is one major drawback, especially for commuters: Parking.

Spots fill up fast at Maryville and if people don’t plan for it, it’s a race with the clock to get to class on time. Sometimes it all depends on luck and timing. Is it worth circling around campus for fifteen minutes for a close spot or is it better to park farther away and walk to class in that same amount of time?

“Parking isn’t a problem when I get here at 7:20 a.m., but when I get here at 7:40 a.m. and later it starts to become an issue,” Madeline Scrivner, senior, said. “The parking is a very stressful situation because if you leave and come back, it’s very frustrating-”

Students may park in any of the nine lots highlighted around campus. Lots are labelled as well. Look for the “General Parking” signs. Photo courtesy of Maryville Public Safety.
Students may park in any of the nine lots highlighted around campus. Lots are labeled as well. Look for the General Parking signs. Photo courtesy of Maryville Public Safety.

A number of other students have complained about the same situation. Public Safety has found it to be the opposite. “Over the first few weeks of the semester, we tracked parking space usage to determine peak times and parking availability.  We’re happy to report this has shown parking spaces available throughout the day, especially behind Saints and Potter Halls,” Sean Kennedy, interim public safety director, said. Additional parking was added behind Saints Hall as well, about 400 steps away from the Gander Quad. Although it’s not as close as the Walker parking lot, it allows for easy access to the Conway exit in order to get off campus.

Keep in mind the appropriate places to park as well. “Parking citations will be issued for all illegally parked vehicles,” Kennedy said. Please be aware to park only in the Maryville-designated spots of the Energizer upper deck parking lot behind Potter Hall. Scottrade and Rawlings have also informed us they will be monitoring their lots and anyone other than their employees will be towed at car owner’s expense.”

In a rush to class, some students have gone so far as to park in the lot, but not in spaces. This makes entering and exiting parking aisles and spots difficult. “Don’t make up parking spaces. Parking lots have been set up in specific orders for certain reasons,” Kennedy said. “Getting trapped by the Annex and McNally isn’t fun. It’s difficult to turn around when cars are parked in the places marked off where one would normally do so.”

General Parking
Remember to park in the appropriate places. Photo courtesy of Aileen Wolk.

Avoid the hectic parking situation by:

  1. Coming to school early. There are plenty of spots open before 9 a.m. Spend the time studying or napping on campus instead of driving up midday and getting caught in a parking rut.
  2. Carpooling with a friend. This is a great opportunity to get to know your friends better. Not only does it cut down on the number of spaces occupied by cars, but it’s also better for the environment.  
  3. Parking farther away. Although it’s never ideal, parking far away may be the easiest solution. It doesn’t take a lot of time to walk across campus and a little exercise doesn’t hurt. This will lower stress levels by avoiding stand offs, tight maneuvering and wasting time looking for a close spot.

For any additional comments  or questions about parking, feel free to contact Maryville’s Public Safety Department located by Buder Commons.

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