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Humans Of Maryville: John Wickersham


#HumansofMaryville feat. John Wickersham What inspired you to write a book? “I wanted to work with my son, Jamie. He and I have talked [for] many years about working on a project together. We always talked about [it] and never really did much, so I thought tha... More »

Humans Of Maryville: CJ Hendricks


#HumansofMaryville feat. CJ Hendricks: What’s your major? Why did you choose it? “My major is pre-engineering, and I chose this, because I enjoying working with materials hands on. I am fascinated with the chemistry and math included.” Why did you choose to at... More »

99 Problems but Housing Ain't One


Maryville University provides students several options to choose from when it comes to living on campus. There are four different residence halls: Mouton, Potter, Saints, and the Hilltop Apartments. Each residence hall offers a unique living experience for the... More »