99 Problems but Housing Ain't One

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Maryville University provides students several options to choose from when it comes to living on campus. There are four different residence halls: Mouton, Potter, Saints, and the Hilltop Apartments. Each residence hall offers a unique living experience for the students.

Mouton Hall

Mouton Hall, the oldest and cheapest residential hall, is a traditional dorm setup with community showers and bathrooms. There are four floors, three of which students can live on. The first three floors are split in half, male and female. Each floor has a laundry room and lounge area where students can interact with one another. The bottom floor is made up of classrooms, offices, a kitchen, vending machines and a pool table. This is a popular residence hall for freshman to get the traditional college dorm experience.

“I like living on campus, because I can wake up 10 minutes before my class at 8 a.m. and still be on time. It is also a five minute walk from Gander or the gym,” Michael Harre, freshman, said.


Potter Hall, which is a hotel turned into a residence hall, is located on the south side of campus. Photo Courtesy of Kevin Ptacek.

Potter Hall

Potter is a hotel that was turned into a residence hall. Potter can accommodate students in two or three person rooms. Each room has its own bathroom to share between roommates. The main floor has an exercise room, ping pong table, pool table, private backyard patio and residence life office. Potter is coed with male and female students living side by side. There were several new additions to Potter over the summer; On the second and third floor, Maryville added a lounge area with a small kitchen area, a large TV  and couches for students to hang out and socialize.

Hilltop Apartments

The hilltop apartments consist of five different units: Cedar, Elm, Maple, Oak and Pine. Each facility can accommodate fifty students in either four person or two person apartments. The apartments have a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and either two or four bedrooms. The living room is fully furnished with a couch, chair, coffee table and a side table. The kitchen has all the appliances along with a table and four kitchen chairs. On the lower level of each facility is a laundry room for residents that live there. The Hilltop Apartments are primarily for upper classmen and are the most expensive to live in.

“I made the choice to move on campus primarily because of how much more convenient everything is. From driving to soccer practice or being here for all the events hosted on campus, it is much easier to be a part of it all while living on campus.” Bill Stimac, junior, said. Stimac is an Oak resident. If I have one complaint though, it would be that living in the apartments is a bit expensive. Living off campus is the cheaper option, but doesn’t allow the same feeling of being around everyone all the time.”


Saints Hall is the newest addition of Maryville University and is located on the east side of campus. Photo Courtesy of Katie Mann.

Saints Hall

Saints Hall, which just opened fall of 2016, is a four-story residence hall with suite style rooms. On the main floor is a lounge area with a pool table, couches and a coffee bar. On the lower level is a cardio center. A residential assistant is located at the main desk for any problems or concerns. Rooms can accommodate up to four residents who all share a bathroom between two bedrooms.



All four residential halls are great options to choose from. Each one has its pros and cons, but it all depends on what the residents consider their priority: privacy, price or convenience.

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