A Dog's Purpose in Maryville

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Humans and dogs have had a good relationship for a long time. Colin Groves, the enthusiast of the Australian National University, said “The relationship was stable over 100,000 years or so, and intensified in the Holocene into mutual domestication. Humans domesticated dogs and dogs domesticated humans.” Souse is Here.  That’s amazing fact!

In addition, a new movie “A Dog’s Purpose” has now been released and everybody who loves dogs needs to check it out. Some students in Maryville have lovely dogs and enjoy playing, taking a walk and feeding them as well who are living on campus may already miss their dogs. Today, asking dog lovers in Maryville the questions, “What’s Your Dog for You?”

Sarah Kathryn Rose, a senior majoring Actual Science, has been together with her dog, Rosie, for 12 years now; Rosie came into Rose’s house when she was only a puppy.

The most memorable story between Rose and Rosie is “Whenever it snowed a lot in Ohio, Rosie was too short and would fall through the snow! So she would jump into my footprints and follow me that way. Now that I am in college, when I go home she follows me around room to room and she is on my lap every chance she gets. The hardest part about being six hours from home is not having my best friend with me.”

-What’s Your Dog for You?

“My dog has always been there for me. She’s definitely my best friend!” Rose said.

McKenzie Crowell, a freshman majoring Speech Therapy, has been together with her dog, Toby, for six years now; Toby came into Crowell’s house  when she was 7th grade.

The most memorable story between Crowell and Toby is “Toby loves ice cubes. He will always beg for them and it is funny to watch him run for the ice cubes when we slide them across the floor. He also enjoys playing fetch is the yard is always fun!”

-What’s Your Dog for You?

“Toby is like me best friend. It’s so great going home to him running up to me and being so excited!” Crowell  said.

Dogs have the hidden power to help us relax, remove stress and smile. Students can’t wait to see their BEST FRIENDS when they go back home!

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