25 Things Maryville Students Relate to All Too Well

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We all know them to be true. Here are 25 GIFs that describe college at Maryville University.

1. Speed Bumps


The speed bumps actually cost Maryville more in car damages than they would to just remove them. But they keep us safe, I think.

2. Athletes


They’re everywhere, not that we are complaining. Because no one can help but stare at a boy in full uniform.

3. Gander


French fries are a vegetable.

4. Campus Parties


They’re fun, but they’re crowded. We’re just thankful for the bathrooms and their cold air.

5. IPads


We all have one, and we all use it for games in boring classes… and to tag each other in memes on Instagram.

6. Parking Spaces


…or lack thereof. Free ride to your car in exchange for your parking spot.

7. Nursing, OT and PT Majors


I don’t know how you do it, but it will all pay off one day!

8. Dressing nice for class


Freshmen: cute first month. Sophomores: cute first week. Upperclassmen: cute on weekends. Haven’t you heard Nike shorts are the new skinny jeans?

9. Group Projects


Just. Get. It. Done. The sooner we turn in this nightmare of an assignment, the sooner I can get out of this GroupMe.

10. Projects in general


Throw a nice theme in there, get the A and rejoice at the fact that you’ve done it again.

11. Tuition


Seriously, when will we agree that “dank meme creator” is a worthy qualification for scholarships?

12. Graduating Seniors


The end is near, adulthood is close. Let’s all agree not to talk about it and psych ourselves out. Thirsty Thursday exists in the real world, right?

13. “Your assignments are due tonight at midnight”


Looks like I will have to delay my Netflix binge in order to finish this Canvas paper. Why do I always do this?

14. Perfect Weather


I’m not skipping class, because it’s boring. I’m skipping, because it’s punishment to sit in a room when Mother Earth is calling for me.

15. Transfer Students


Maryville people are nice, don’t worry. Join a club, talk to people and find a list of Maryville events here. You won’t have to sit alone at Gander tables forever.

16. Diets


You are beautiful the way you are. Let’s order a pizza to that.

17.  Working Out


Yeah mom, the gym was really crowded today. I saw through the window on my way to Taco Bell.

18. The Library


All of your friends are in there, all those bookshelves muffling your gossip and plenty of whiteboards to draw pictures on…

19. 8 a.m. classes on Mondays


Whose idea was it to have class that early? Is the sun even up?

20. Walking out of your last class of the day


Especially on Fridays. And Thursdays. And every other day when you’re done with class.

21. When class gets cancelled



22. Sundays


Netflix and naps all day.

23. Gander breakfast all day on Wednesdays


The most important meal of the day. All day.

24. Naps


A morning nap and an afternoon nap. Optional but recommended: mid-morning nap, lunch nap, after class nap, before-we-go-out nap, dinner nap.

25. Word counts


Do whatever it takes to get to that number. America.

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