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Humans of Maryville: Mahdi Salat


What influenced you to leave Qatar and study abroad specifically to Maryville University in St. Louis? “Leaving home and going abroad for four years is never easy. I had to think hard about making the decision of going away. Since my two older siblings studied... More »

Humans of Maryville: Adam Zobrist


What influenced you to study abroad specifically to London? “I decided to study abroad in London, because I thought that submerging myself in a new culture would be beneficial to my future plans. I thought that living in a new market would give me an advantage... More »

Humans of Maryville: Rebekah Anderson


Why did you decide to take your trip [across the states]? “One of the reasons I took the trip across the states was to really dive into the self, really discovering things that you wouldn’t necessarily notice when you’re with other people…or things that you do... More »

Humans of Maryville: Caitlynd Winstead


What made you want to join MU Buddies? “Two summers ago (and I’m probably going to do it against next summer) I was a camp counselor at [Wonderland Camp] for twelve weeks. It’s in the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s a camp for anyone with cognitive or physical disabi... More »

Humans of Maryville: Lucas Winkelmann


Why did you get started with photography? I took a class in high school called media. We learned about photography then and it interested me a lot. I never pursued it though, until I met Henry and Jake Wynd my freshman year at Maryville. We wanted to explore t... More »

Humans of Maryville: Dillon Bowers


When did you graduate from Maryville and what was your major? “May 2015 and criminal justice/sociology.”   How did Maryville prepare you for the workforce as a police officer? “I owe a lot of my success to Maryville. I had so many opportunities presented ... More »

Humans of Maryville: Cade Rich


What influenced you to change your name from Alex to Cade? “In life as we face many challenges, my biggest challenge in life occurred this summer. I spent 31 days in Fort Knox, KY in basic camp for the U.S. Army. During my time there I grew as a person, and fe... More »

Humans Of Maryville: Erik Shaefer


Why are you majoring in mathematics? “I chose mathematics, because I’m kind of a nerd and because math has job security. Financial math, actuarial science, isn’t that big, so the pay could be great as well,  depending where I want to end up.” Why did you choos... More »

Humans Of Maryville: Brett Harris


Why are you majoring in business administration? “I’m majoring in business administration, because I think it will be very helpful, and it’s a well-rounded degree. Being in business, I felt like it’s a broad degree, and you can do just about anything you want ... More »

Humans Of Maryville: John Wickersham


#HumansofMaryville feat. John Wickersham What inspired you to write a book? “I wanted to work with my son, Jamie. He and I have talked [for] many years about working on a project together. We always talked about [it] and never really did much, so I thought tha... More »

Humans Of Maryville: CJ Hendricks


#HumansofMaryville feat. CJ Hendricks: What’s your major? Why did you choose it? “My major is pre-engineering, and I chose this, because I enjoying working with materials hands on. I am fascinated with the chemistry and math included.” Why did you choose to at... More »