Golden Louies highlights

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The Golden Louies, hosted by Pawprint, had their biggest turn out of all time. More than two hundred people, including President Lombardi, were in attendance. The people who were unable to attend were able to watch it on Pawprint’s Facebook live stream.

“I wasn’t able to go, so being able to watch it on the Facebook Live was a blessing,” said Taylor Heady, a fourth-year student.

The Golden Louie Crowd. Thank you for everyone that came out
Photo Credit to Maryville Pawprint

The Golden Louies were Thursday, April 26 in the Donius University Center (DUC.) Pawprint hosts the Golden Louies every year to honor faculty, staff and the students who have done extraordinary things on campus. Not only did people win a Golden Louie, but people from the audience were able to win prizes from the different games that were played during the night. Four students won one of three Amazon gift cards and another won an Amazon Echo Dot. Jesse Kavadlo was the musical guest, singing classic 80s songs like “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and a Bon Jovi song.

To know who was nominated in each award category click here.

Class clown was the first award to go out of the night. This award goes to someone who is well-known on campus for putting a smile on everyone’s face. George Baker won class clown.

Faculty and Staff most tech-savvy: This award goes to a faculty or staff member who shows exemplary skills in technology. Chris Reimer was the winner of this category. Everyone knows Chris as the Snapchat guy. Chris runs all of Maryville University’s social media accounts. He makes sure the student always know what is happening on campus.

Most involved student: The most involved student award goes to the student who is at all events on campus and is always ready to be involved. The winner was Russell Susuki. Russell is the president of Connect. 

Golden Louies queen: New to the Golden Louis this year, the Golden Louies queen goes awarded to the student who is well-known on campus and lives the life of a queen. Maddy Lillis won this honor.

Golden Louies king: Also new to the Golden Louies this year is the king award. Like the Golden Louies queen, this student is loved by all and a leader on campus. Bryant Webster was awarding this award.

Most influential student: The most influential student award goes to a student who is always doing something, always kind to the people on campus and always lets people know what is going on around campus. Julissa Castillo won influential student.

Faculty and Staff Mary Poppins: The Mary Poppins award is given to a faculty or staff member who always has what others need. No matter how outrageous the request, the recipient of the Mary Poppins award is prepared for anything. The

Nurse Pam with her Golden Louie.
Photo Credit to Maryville Pawprint

wonderful Nurse Pam won the Mary Poppins award. She is retiring in May after working here at Maryville for 26 years.

Student BFFs: The student BFF award goes to two friends who are inseparable. Where one is, the other is always nearby. Nya Dorsey and Courtney Pope won the Best Friends Forever award. They are glued at the hip at all times.

Faculty and Staff who lives on campus: Do they ever leave campus? The faculty and staff who lives on campus award goes to someone who is always around and is always there for students when they need them. Kathy Quinn won this award.

Best dressed student: Wearing pajamas to class? Not these nominees. The best-dressed student award goes to someone who is always put together and always dressed to impress. First Khunchan was voted best-dressed student.

Faculty and Staff who would have a TV show about them: This award goes to someone who has such interesting stories about what they do that we wish we could follow them around like they have their own TV show. Jennifer Susnic took home this award

Cutest student couple: This award went to the couple on campus that are practically inseparable. Jordyne Dugger and James Kriscke won this award.

Best Club: The best club award was a 24-hour challenge that the clubs had to retweet a post of the Maryville Pawprint account and see how many likes they could get on their twitter account. @Connect_MU got over 100 likes and won this award.

Lifetime achievement award: The lifetime achievement is the platinum Louie that goes to someone who has already achieved a lifetime. During their time at Maryville, they have worked tirelessly to make the Maryville community a better place for everyone. Dr. Lombardi, the president of Maryville was the winner of this award. 

“This is the best turn out we have ever had in The Golden Louie History. I am really proud of everyone at Pawprint who did their part and made this night a spectacular night for everyone. I was honored to work with my co-coordinator Jordyn McCulley and the rest of the Pawprint staff to make this night magical,” said Megan McDaniel, a third-year student.


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