Cram Jam 2018

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Three organizations on campus have joined together to help students cope with stress during finals week.

The Campus Activities Board, The Committee on New ‘N Existing Campus Traditions and GO Saints are hosting their annual Cram Jam. Cram Jam is an event where students can go to take a break from studying. There is free food, raffles and contests.

Students are welcome to bring their studying materials and participate in study groups with their friends. Cram Jam will take place tonight in Gander Dining Hall.

“Cram Jam is during the week of finals every semester,” Russell Susuki, the president of CONNECT, said. “Staff and faculty serve the students breakfast food while students have the chance to win prizes and a donut decorating contest. The theme for Cram Jam this year is ‘Splashin’ Into Summer’ so we encourage everyone to wear their summer and Hawaiian clothes.”

Faculty has fun serving food to students at Cram Jam 2017

Before the spring 2017 semester, the event was solely hosted by CAB. Katie Shaw, the vice president of CONNECT, talks about how she feels joining CAB and GO Saints to host this event, “Cram Jam used to be put on just by CAB so to be able to work with the other organizations I think makes for a better event and even more fun planning it. That is my favorite memory so far.”

Although in recent years the raffle prizes were announced before the event, CAB, CONNECT and GO Saints have agreed to keep the raffle prizes a secret this year. Some past prizes have included apple watches, flat screen televisions and a variety of gift cards.

“We have some really awesome big prizes this year that I think a lot of people will like,” Shaw said. “But we are keeping the prizes for this year a secret.”

Past prizes have included Apple watches, televisions, and gift cards. Photo Credit Campus Activities Board

Cram Jam starts tonight at 9:00 p.m.

Food starts getting served at 9 p.m. and raffle prizes begin getting announced around 10 p.m.” Susuki said.

To RSVP to Cram Jam, click here. Students can follow CAB, CONNECT and GO Saints on facebook for Cram Jam updates at @cabatmaryville, @CONNECTMaryville and @go.saints.31.

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