Lights. Camera. Golden Louies.

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The Golden Louies Award Show is just around the corner. Every year, Students, faculty and staff nominate their peers for various awards. It is a night full of free pizza and cookies, games with prizes and entertainment that can’t be missed. The Golden Louies are held to show Pawprint’s appreciation for faculty, staff and students in the Maryville community. 

Co-planner for the Golden Louies, Jordyn McCulley said, “Megan and I have worked very hard to make this the best Golden Louies to date. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.”

Photo courtesy of Pawprint

This year’s theme is Hollywood Glam. There will be a red carpet at the photo booth, and Pawprint staff members will be dressed to impress. The games will include name that lyric, heads or tails and never have I ever. Winners of these games will win an Echo Dot, a Chick-Fil-A gift card, a Starbucks gift card, a Panda Express gift card or a Taco Bell gift card.

English professor Jesse Kavadlo will be the musical guest. He stated, “I will be playing and singing three solo acoustic guitar songs from my repertoire of ‘80s classic rock songs, in this case, acoustic ballads.”

2018 Golden Louies

Date: April 26

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: DUC

Awards and nominees:

  • Class clown: This award goes to someone who is well-known on campus for putting a smile on everyone’s face.
    • Christian Henry
    • George Baker
    • Greg Moore
  • Faculty and staff mosttech-savvyy: This award goes to a faculty or staff member who shows exemplary skills in technology.
    • Chris Reimer
    • Bob Cunningham
    • Dustin Leoffler
  • Most involved student: The most involved student award goes to the student who is at all events on campus and is always ready to be involved.
    • Brie Howardton
    • Russell Susuki
    • Kathleen Giang
  • Golden Louies queen: New to the Golden Louis this year, the Golden Louies queen will be awarded to the student who is well-known on campus and lives the life of a queen.
    • Tatum Sharp
    • Maddy Lillis
    • Lia Barrios
  • Golden Louies king: Also new to the Golden Louies this year is the king award. Like the Golden Louies queen, this student is loved by all and the leader on campus.
    • Andrew Ring
    • Josh Parrish
    • Bryant Webster
  • Most influential student: The most influential student award goes to a student who is always doing something, always kind to the people on campus and always lets people know what is going on around campus.
    • Veronica Steibel
    • Julissa Castillo
  • Faculty and staff Mary Poppins: The Mary Poppins award is given to a faculty or staff member who always has what others need. No matter how outrageous the request, the recipient of the Mary Poppins award is prepared for anything.
    • Nurse Pam
    • Ally Crust
    • Tiffany Reed
  • Student BFFs: The student BFF award goes to two friends who are inseparable. Where one is, the other is always nearby.
    • Nya Dorsey & Courtney Pope
    • Macean McGee & Muna Abdella-Hazak
    • Nicholas Mueller & Sam Slaughter
  • Faculty and staff who lives on campus: Do they ever leave campus? The faculty and staff who lives on campus award goes to someone who is always around and is always there for students when they need them.
    • Brian Gardner
    • Kathy Quinn
    • Jarrett Fleming
  • Best dressed student: Wearing pajamas to class? Not these nominees. The best-dressed student award goes to someone who is always put together and always dressed to impress.
    • First Khunchan
    • Kenneth Lam
    • Lucas Winkleman
  • Faculty and staff who would have a TV show about them: This award goes to someone who has such interesting stories about what they do that we wish we could follow them around like they have their own TV show.
    • Turan Mullins
    • Scott Angus
    • Jennifer Susnic
  • Cutest student couple: The cutest student couple is #goals. They make all the single students jealous of their perfect relationship.
    • Jordyne Dugger & James Kriscke
    • Cameron Caldwell & Makaylah Meredith
    • Mason Lee & Ashley Berger
  • Most wanted by public safety: These nominees are the most wanted on campus. They cause trouble and mischief, but they also provide a lot of entertainment for their classmates.
    • Demmon Squires
    • Brian Edwards
  • Lifetime achievement award: The lifetime achievement is the platinum Louie that goes to someone who has already achieved a lifetime. During their time at Maryville, they have worked tirelessly to make the Maryville community a better place for everyone. 
    • Dr. Lillie
    • Coach Denny
    • Dr. Lombardi

Be sure to join us April 26 to find out who will win each category.


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