Humans of Maryville: Luis Castro

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Where are you from? How long have you lived there?

“I was born in Laguna Hills, California and graduated from El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California, where I grew up for most of my life. I still return back to California for winter and summer breaks to be with my family.”

What are your favorite and least favorite things about California?

“My favorite thing was the amazing weather we had all year long. It did rain on very few occasions but it would never get below 50 degrees in the winter. It is hard to think about what I disliked about California since I have always lived there, so my thoughts may be biased but traffic was also the worst thing to experience.”

Luis Castro becomes a student at Maryville University
Photo courtesy of Luis Castro

What was the biggest challenge you faced when moving to St. Louis?

“The biggest challenge I faced when moving to St. Louis was having to adjust to a new environment, physically and socially. Before moving here I had never seen snow or felt the temperature drop to below freezing. I didn’t know anybody when moving here either. The cold weather still bothers me, but I am slowly adapting to it. Since moving here I have become friends with people that support me and help me while in college. I have also found other people that have similar experiences to me by moving far away from their homes in order to pursue a higher education.”

What clubs and organizations are you involved in on campus?

“My freshman year I was a part of the men’s club soccer team. Currently, I am the community outreach head-chair for Latino Student Alliance and a founding member and vice president of Autism Speaks U Maryville University, a new organization that we recently started. I also help out other organizations that are under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. On Friday, April 13 LSA has their annual kickback. The LSA Kickback is a time to hang out with friends, dance to Latin music and have a good time. It’s from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. and it’s our last event of the year.”

The Latino Student Alliance gnome is ready to be hidden
Photo courtesy of Luis Castro

What is your major? What are you hoping to do after graduating?

“I am a mathematics major and part of the engineering dual-degree Program. After graduation I plan to attend Washington University as a mechanical engineering major. Once I graduate I hope to either start working or continue my education in grad school here in St. Louis.”

Luis Castro and the Latino Student Alliance
Photo Courtesy of Luis Castro

What is your favorite part of Maryville?

“How connected everyone is here. I have made some of my greatest friends here at Maryville, found organizations and clubs where I have a leadership position that allows me to help make other people’s experience at Maryville better and have a strong sense of belonging and I met my significant other here at Maryville as well.”

Register for the upcoming LSA Kickback here.

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