Humans of Maryville: Karlo Jingura

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Where are you from?

Harare, Zimbabwe

What was your daily routine in Zimbabwe?

In high school? Wake up, go to class from 8 to 3, Soccer practice 3:00 to 5:30, go back home and do homework and try to be in bed by 11:00.

What is your relationship with Soccer?

Played for a local team for a couple years, then I got a scholarship here and started playing.

Some background information, I started playing at 16, just fooling around with friends. One of the coaches walked by and said that I had potential. I had failed a couple of times to get into some of the teams, then I tried out and made it the first year.

That same year I made the under-17 professional team and we played two African combinations qualifiers and we managed to get through. But because I was now a year older I couldn’t play in the tournament. Then I was the school captain and the club picked me up (Dynamos FC) where I broke my leg and was out the whole season. The second year I tried to play, I broke my leg again and decided to come to college

How did you end up getting to Maryville?

A friend of mine, 45-50 years old, his sons go to SIU [Southern Illinois University] and he went there for college and he told me to come for a summer camp. I Came and played well. I was supposed to go to SIU-E [Edwardsville campus] that was in July and they wanted me to start in August. Didn’t get the papers done quick enough. Then I was going to start in January but the coach changed.

My roommate there ended up coming to Maryville and he told me to come here, so that’s how I ended up here.

What is your plan once you get out of college?

I guess right now, I want to apply my trades with NGO’s [non governmental organizations,] get a few programs running at home and start my own. Hopefully, become a diplomat and then hopefully get into politics so I can run for office.

I’ve already kinda started one [program,] I have a couple friends here and a guy who used to coach on the ground at home. He recruits the kids, help mentor students and teach them what is needed to get into schools and what to do afterward. It’s called the Global Sports Academy, we started with soccer, but have started to move onto other sports as well.

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