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Maryville’s Health Educators promoting Responsible Options, HEROs, is an organization providing students with healthy lifestyle and habits options through knowledge and engagement, according to their website.

HEROs is hosting a health fair April 17 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Gander Quad.

“The fair gives students, staff and faculty the opportunity to walk around, see the options and pick what they want to learn about,” Yasmein Mousa, president of HEROs, said.  

The health fair will include a raffle, massage therapists, yoga specialists and free STD testing alongside of many other organizations with tables full of awareness about physical, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

“Our expectation is that everyone will learn something new about a service or product and be a part of health awareness. It also provides a nice break in the day and a relaxing environment,” said Nurse Pam Culliton, HEROs advisor.

Mousa hopes HEROs will influence the Maryville community and said the main goal of the health fair is to positively impact the Maryville campus and community and give students the resources they might not be able to access easily.

“We are talking about having Clarkson eyecare and maybe some health insurance providers at the health fair, so people that don’t have those amenities have access to them and will hopefully be pushed into the right direction,” Mousa stated.

Faculty, staff and students are all invited to attend the health fair. Everyone who attends will be given a passport and after visiting a certain amount of tables can receive a free smoothie from Smoothie King during the event.

“There isn’t really a downfall to attending, there will be free massages and Smoothie King for learning new things. There will be something there for everyone and plenty of benefits,” Culliton said.

In the future, HEROs would like to do more educational events in new impactful ways.

“Right now, we do a lot of table events, which often don’t catch students attention and people just walk right by us,” Mousa said. “ Doing more events focused on health and having opportunities that other organizations don’t have, such as the health fair, provide us with the platform to get our information across and really push the knowledge we want the students to have while including an active environment.”

HEROs doesn’t only want students to attend their events, but they also want them to leave more knowledgeable than when they came.

“We also host Best Day Ever and our goal for this upcoming event is to offer a raffle or some sort of reward for giving us a survey of information back that we have taught,” Culliton said. “We want everyone to have knowledge of what we are talking about in hopes to better the Maryville campus and our students.”

For more information about HEROs events or to join contact the organization’s email at, or the president of HEROs at  

The members of HEROs on an excursion to Crown Candy. Photo courtesy of Yasmein Mousa.
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