What you need to know about being single on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has been widely celebrated as a day of showing affection since the Middle Ages. Though the holiday is meant for showing love to those you care about, singles tend to feel left out due to the common idea that the day is strictly meant for couples.

Jaida Blair, third-year communication major, believes the day is meant for anyone. “Ever since I was born, my mom has always bought my brother and I a gift for that day. I believe that day is just about showing appreciation for the people you love and the people that love you, that doesn’t mean it has to be romantic in the least, you can be single and still have fun on Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine’s Day also has been shown to spike depression and anxiety, according to a poll taken by anxiety.org, in single individuals or those who are alone on that day.  

“Being single is OK. I think society places a lot of stigma on it, but in reality, it’s not a huge deal, and it doesn’t feel any different than a normal day,” Blair said. “I recommend hanging out with friends, pampering yourself or getting involved in some activity just to keep yourself from feeling alone that day if it’s something you struggle with. It’s important to keep a proactive mindset about the day, and the fact that it is just a day,”

Though this day of love is difficult for singles, it can also take a toll on those in a relationship.

Bri Livingston, a third-year graphic design major, who is in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, said it can be more stressful with everyone always asking what you’re getting your significant other and what you plan to do.

“It adds unneeded pressures into the relationship. With my boyfriend being over an hour away, it’s difficult to make plans and some people that are really into this holiday don’t understand that. I also believe the day is strongly influenced by big companies. It’s a lot of hype for one day so they can charge a little extra on gifts just because something has a Valentine’s Day print on it,” Livingston stated.

Blair also mentioned the presence of big companies on Valentine’s day stating, I do believe that more recently Valentine’s Day has been about big companies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could learn how to crochet and make someone a blanket, a card or even dinner and then it doesn’t have to be about the companies. You can still show your love and appreciation on that day without giving away your money to the corporations.”

If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone or looking for plans, Maryville University’s Best Buddies organization is hosting a Valentine’s Day party February 21. There are plenty of ways to get involved and meet new people. For more information about the the Valentine’s Day party email zross1@live.maryville.edu.

If you need support this Valentine’s Day, or anytime, you can find on-campus personal counseling services here.

Personal Counseling office located in the library at the Division of Student Success. Photo courtesy of Kayla Kenshalo.
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