The heart of a life coach: Oge Oge

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Many students need extra guidance and emotional support throughout college. Students may need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or some words of advice. To help students, Maryville has implemented the life coach program. The ever-increasing complexities of life make the need for a life coach almost religious. 

Oge is a new life coach here at Maryville. He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. He started his position as a Life Coach in June 2017 after completing his Master’s program in Higher Education and Administration at Southeast Missouri University. Throughout his college career, he played football for different colleges in Missouri. One of Oge’s best successes was being a free agent tryout for the Detroit Lions of National Football League (NFL). He was selected by the Detroit Lions to try out for the team back in 2007.

Before moving to St. Louis in May, Oge already knew what he wanted out of life. He had always known he wanted a position where he could motivate others. He thrives on making people the best version of themselves. He believes everyone can always use some help to guide their future. That’s why becoming a life coach was no mistake for Oge.

Although, Oge’s background is unique. He completed his undergraduate schoolwork in business. Therefore, he originally planned to follow a career path in business. He is new to the higher education area, and he hopes to grow in this field. Life coaching is the avenue he chose for his career and he hopes to make the best of it. 

Oge believes “being able to individualize the experience that he offers as a life coach” is the best reward any life coach can give.  He accepts that “each student is his or her person.” Therefore, life coaches cannot treat all of them the same way.

One of Oge’s great college successes came from helping a student.  The student needed someone to walk alongside him and help with tutoring, mentoring and inspiring a sense of direction. The little things in life move him, and they are what encourage him during his trials and tribulations. Once Oge got introduced to him, he stepped into his role and helped him with his education. The student graduated last spring.

People that interact with Oge describe him as a kind-hearted person. “He is more of a reserved laid-back type, but sincere and genuine at heart. From his demeanor, it was easy to see why he would choose to be a life coach. His calm, collected and subtle nature was quite reassuring. He enjoys his work and enjoys making an impact on people around him” said Adrienne Burkemper.

 Oge likes changing the trajectory of students’ lives and seeks to improve things. “Oge seems to genuinely care about everyone he meets –he is interested in knowing them as a person,” said Burkemper.

Further, Wyne Engo said “Oge is one of the most energetic and positive people I know. Every time I see him he’s always smiling and always in a great mood. He puts in a lot of effort by helping his students.”

Oge spending some time at Forest Park. Photo courtesy of Oge Oge
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