The esport team is back in action

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The Maryville Esports teams opened the 2018 year with a bang, a $10,000 open bracket tournament at the Wichita esport convention. The Collegiate National Champion League of Legends team represented Maryville at the venue alongside the newly created CS:GO team. These groups both had a daunting task ahead of them in each of their brackets, the heads of both teams had their own thoughts leading up to the tournament.

The Wichita Esport convention took place the weekend of February 2-4 at Wichita State University.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Swink.

The CS:GO team captain, Scott ‘ttokSickk’ Bragg, was able to give some insight on the CS:GO tournament. The tournament started in group stages, then moved on to a double elimination bracket before the grand final. TtokSickk stated his goal for the tournament was to learn, “I’m excited. We’re going to be using this tournament more as experience, for a lot of us this is our first LAN (Local Area Network).”

When asked about his team’s performance at the LAN, ttokSickk mused at the thought of winning the event before setting his expectations to reality. “We’re hoping to get out of groups, the rest is just a bonus. RMU (Robert Morris University) is the number one ranked CSL team right now, I expect them to get first.”

The CS:GO team ended up losing in the group stages despite putting up decent performances in each of their matches.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Swink.

The League of Legends team was also ready to make a statement about Wichita following the online seeding portion of the tournament. The head coach, Mathew ‘xSojin’ Perez,  felt  the team could be doing better, “this LAN is a test to see where we are compared to last year cause we lost John, (the MVP support PapaChou) who was a key part of the team.” John’s departure from the team left a void in the group that was filled but still needed some adjustment.

When asked about the toughest competition in the tournament, xSojin stated: “Wildcard, they have a lot of experienced players and mechanically they’re better players.” He also reinforced the belief that the LAN environment wouldn’t affect the players, going as far as to say that “certain players perform better at LAN anyways.”

The League team was the victim of an upset by losing in the second round and falling to the losers bracket. They were upset again shortly after, which ended their tournament hopes before the semifinals.

Despite the esport club’s experience and composure, the results weren’t in their favor and both teams took these losses to heart and are already beginning to make improvements before their respective season’s end. Both groups went into this LAN hoping to learn from it. For more information about the team, visit their Twitter @MaryvilleGG.

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