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In 2004, the idea of Magnolia was brought to the attention of Dr. Germaine Murray by two students. Magnolia is the literary and art magazine of Maryville University.  In the beginning, there were two issues distributed; one in the fall and the other in the spring. Today there is only one issue per year.

Course credit can be received by those who work on the magazine but most are volunteers. ENG 491 or Literary Magazine Internship attracts all kinds of students from graphic design, physical therapy, English, psych and education majors. These students design and edit the magazine cover. They are very careful in organizing the order of the pieces as well.

What is accepted in the magazine?

A wide variety is accepted into the magazine. Pieces like poetry, short stories, essays, photographs and photographs of art are accepted. All students are welcome to submit works to the magazine. Being an art student is not required for submission. In addition to students, faculty, staff and alumni are allowed to submit their works of art and literature.

“I think it’s the best publication we have on campus,” stated Dr. Murray. “We want to create a complementary platform; a digital platform for things like performances, animation and longer stories. We want to make this available to students as well and we hope to start this next fall.”

Dr. Germaine Murray. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Heintz.

Why should anyone submit their works to Magnolia?

Overall this magazine is a great opportunity for students to be published. It allows students to share with the community something they have made or care about. In addition, students can add it to their portfolio or resume if they get published. The deadline for Magnolia submissions is Feb. 28, so do not delay.

Mady Miana is a photo and digital art major here at Maryville, and she is planning on submitting to Magnolia this year, not only as an artist but as a writer, as well.

“My art and writing is deeply meaningful to me. I put a lot of my own feelings into it and hope to create works that others can connect to. I am grateful and fortunate that a publication like Magnolia exists. Its format allows for wonderful convergence of talent and creativity that is easily accessible,” said Miana.

Unfortunately, for people like Miana, there is a limit to how long stories can be in the magazine. However, there has been a motion to increase the number of pages in the magazine and possibly allow for longer stories.

Magnolia events

There is a university-wide publication event every year in April. There are two main awards given out at this event. They are for fiction and poetry. Each award has first, second and third place prizes ranging from $50 to $100. This is another reason why students should submit their poetry.

However, students do not have to submit works to the magazine to come to this event. There will be food and beverages.

To learn more about what Magnolia has to offer and its policies click here.

If you would like to submit any art or literature to the magazine, email along with your name, year, major and title of work.


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