A commuter’s guide to getting involved

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Whether the commute is 10 minutes or an hour, it can be difficult to find ways to stay involved on campus as a commuter. Check out the best tips for being involved on campus.

To begin getting involved on campus as a commuter, students can stop by Commuter Connections in the Center for Student Engagement. Here, commuters will find opportunities to meet people, find clubs they enjoy and socialize with other commuters. Commuter Connections also hosts special events focused on getting commuters on campus. Allison McGuire, a commuter assistant of Commuter Connections, gives advice on becoming involved on campus.

“I’d recommend coming to the involvement fairs that Maryville hosts in spring and fall.  The involvement fair is a great way to become introduced to all of the amazing clubs and activities offered on campus. Another great way to get informed about events on campus is by looking at the event calendar on OrgSync or reading one of the many TVs throughout campus that advertise upcoming events,” said McGuire.

Two students found the commuter connection gnome Uno in 2015. Photo courtesy of commuter connection.

If this doesn’t work, McGuire suggests reaching out. “You can talk to your Life Coach, or you can come directly to me. It is my job to work with students to help them find their niche on campus.”

Once students have found their favorite club or organization to join, being a commuter can still have its hurdles– traffic, breaks between classes and time management just to name a few. That’s where the Maryville community is here to help. Masey Hoyer, a second-year physical therapy major, is a commuter involved with CRU, the mascot team and the Women’s Leadership Program. Hoyer gives some tricks on how students can stay involved on campus without losing interest.

“It’s important to follow all the major Maryville organizations and clubs on social media to help you keep track of events that you’re interested in. If you have a big break between classes and the event you want to go to, you can always study, take a nap on a couch in the library or on the comfy bean bag chairs in the CSE, watch TV in LJ’s, workout or just find friends to hang out with during that break.” Hoyer adds. “Don’t make excuses because being involved is worth the commuter struggle.”

Still looking for ways to become involved? Stop by the Center for Student Engagement and meet Allison McGuire or follow Commuter Connections on Facebook.


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