6 things to do before graduating

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  1. Serve on Saints Nation

Maryville’s version of a freshman orientation welcome team, Saints Nation, allows you to get to know the incoming class by hosting their orientation dates, coordinating activities during the week of welcome and helping freshman move into their dorms. On the Saints Nation team, the more energy the better the experience. Julie Krebel, a life coach and graduate of Maryville University, talks about her experience of Saints Nation as a freshman. “I remember exactly what it felt like walking through the loud tunnel of Saints into convening of the class in Simon Center. I immediately knew I had found my home away from home for the next four years,” she stated. “I did not stay away long before coming back to work here!”

The new whiteboard in the Center for Student Engagement welcomes prospective students. Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Simmons.
  1. Work on campus

Federal Work Study is something offered to many students filling out the FAFSA for the upcoming school year. With Federal Work Study, you have the opportunity to fill a part-time job on campus, allowing yourself to become not just a student, but also a staff member at Maryville. Whether you work in Gander Hall giving tours to prospective students or work in Kaldis Coffee serving your friends their favorite lattes, there is always a position for you to be involved in the work force on campus.


3. Take a class with John Wickersham

John Wickersham has been teaching at Maryville University since the fall semester of 1963 when Maryville was still owned by the nuns at the Religious of the Sacred Heart. Preferring to be addressed as Wick, this professor has no lack of knowledge when he teaches Latin, Logic and other various philosophy courses. “I strive to help my students understand and appreciate the splendor of philosophical ideas. Second, I salt my classes with personal stories, and the students seem to enjoy these. I do this to get them to see me as a human being with a personal history, problems, sorrows and joys,” Wick stated. 


  1. Participate in Maryville Reaches Out

Maryville Reaches Out, MRO, is Maryville’s schoolwide volunteer day. Classes are canceled, food is served and students are sent across the city to volunteer on a project of their choosing. If you’re from another city, state or town, MRO is a great way to meet your peers while lending a helping hand to the St. Louis community.

MRO 2017 American Cancer Society Group


  1. Find a gnome

Every year, the Center for Student Engagement puts on an annual gnome hunt, where garden gnomes are strategically placed around campus and clues about the hiding spots are sent over social media. Finding a small garden gnome on campus is a difficult task, but gathering your roommate and setting out on a midnight hunt is where the fun begins!


  1. Attend the Golden Louies

If you love getting awards and spending time with wonderful people, attend the Golden Louies! Come dressed to impress, take selfies and possibly get an award. The Golden Louies will take place at the Donius University Center on April 26 at 6 p.m. We hope to see you there!

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