Humans of Maryville: Taylor Hensley

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What is ItWorks?

ItWorks is a health and wellness company with 40 plus all natural plant-based products.”

How did you get started in this business?

“I got started by watching another girl do it. I watched her on Facebook forever and rolled my eyes at all of her posts. Then once I had my son, I knew that I needed something more for myself and my family. The girl that I enrolled under was a teen mom, so I figured if she could do it, then I could too.”

What does your typical day-to-day look like?

“My typical day includes the regular things that everyone else does. I still go to school, do homework, spend time with my family but I just sprinkle ItWorks into my life. I am always expanding my market by adding people on social media, talking to people and reaching out to people. When I post on Facebook, I talk about the products that I’m in love with and people message me about it. It’s really not more than I was already doing. I just have a reason to be on social media now.”

“Everyone talked about me and said all of this stuff I WOULDN’T do, so I turned around and showed that I could do better.”

How can other people get involved with ItWorks?

“If you’re interested in joining or getting any products you can reach out to me at 636-236-3987 or You can also find me on Facebook at Tay Hensley.”

What has set you back in life that has motivated you to succeed in this business?

“What ‘set me back’ was having my son. When I got pregnant my junior year of high school, I lost everyone. I was basically alone aside from my parents and boyfriend. Everyone talked about me and said all of this stuff that I wouldn’t do, so I turned around and showed them that I could. I wanted more for my son and I wanted to be able to provide for all of us.”

Taylor Hensley with her son.

If you could give any advice to someone looking to join ItWorks, what would it be?

“My advice to anyone considering joining is that you are always going to have doubters. Internet marketing is the new google so take advantage of it. Also, take the opportunity to reach out to me!”

Is there anything I did not cover in this interview that you wish I would have?

“I think a really big thing that people don’t understand is that this is the new way of shopping and selling. Everything I do is online, and I make my own schedule. Older generations really don’t understand the concept because social media wasn’t even a thing back then. This is the next big thing.”

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