Cram Jam: food, friends and finals


Even after months of dedication and hard work, your success or failure in a college class can rely on a single, heavily weighted assignment — the final. With finals week right around the corner, students are beginning to stress. Luckily, Maryville University offers a time where students can come together over a free meal and study with friends. This special time is known as Cram Jam.

Cram Jam always falls on the Tuesday night of finals week in both the fall and spring semesters. This semester, Cram Jam will be held on Tuesday, December 12. It will take place in Gander Dining Hall.

Exterior view of Maryville University dining hall.

The Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Allyson Crust, provided a little information about the event.  “Cram Jam is an opportunity for students to destress and enjoy breakfast as they gear up for a night of studying for finals. Breakfast is served by faculty, staff and administration; and dozens of prizes are distributed to the lucky winners!”

When asked about the work that goes into planning these events, Crust stated, “This year, the planning of Cram Jam is a bit different than in past years. Previously, Cram Jam was hosted solely by the Campus Activities Board. This semester, it is a collaboration between the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Go Saints and the Committee on New ’N Existing Campus Traditions (CONNECT). Student leaders from those groups spend months planning, working with Fresh Ideas to develop the menu, plan and go Black Friday shopping for the biggest and coolest prizes, recruit faculty and staff volunteers and more.”

The most exciting part for many students is the chance to win great prizes. “The majority of prizes are purchased by CAB, CONNECT and Go Saints, but there are featured donated prizes from a few campus partners. Fresh Ideas donates several prizes and the class gift program donates a secret prize,” Crust mentioned.

“Cram Jam is a place where I can get my mind off of things and be around people who are all in the same struggle boat for finals. I love having breakfast for dinner. I think that was a great idea! I also love how it brings everyone together during a stressful time,” said Maryville student, Jordyne Dugger.

Maryville hopes to see you all at Gander on December 12 to cram for finals with friends!

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