Free food and holiday readings: Magnolia’s winter party


Magnolia Art and Literary Magazine’s submission box for the 2018 edition will open at the organization’s winter submission party Dec. 6.

Magnolia is a student-run organization that focuses on showcasing the diverse and creative works Maryville has to offer. Students, alumni, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit their poetry, prose, paintings, graphic designs, photographs and more.

Last year’s theme for the publication was “Lingua Franca,” or a common language embraced to bridge communication between different native tongues. Though this year’s edition will focus elsewhere, Magnolia still encourages submissions written in other languages. If you’d like to write a poem in another language, Magnolia’s team asks that you also submit a translation in English.

This year’s edition will focus on getting back into nature and finding inspiration in the beauty of the great outdoors. Have a creative piece that doesn’t fit this edition’s theme? No problem! Magnolia’s editing team will read and consider works focusing on other topics. For more information about submission guidelines, please email any questions to

Graphic created by Molly Godat, designed by Erin Gaubatz.

If you need a break from finals’ week or would like to learn more about submitting your work, join Magnolia and friends in the May Gallery, located on the first floor of the library for its winter submission party!

Erin Gaubatz, Magnolia’s editor, said, “Magnolia is thrilled to be hosting another holiday party this year to kick off submissions for the spring publication. We hope students, staff and faculty will stop by to enjoy some sweets and learn more about how to submit their creative work to the magazine.”

The party will last from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will include holiday themed readings, a raffle and refreshments. All are welcome to join in the fun!

Want to submit a finished piece? This year, Magnolia will offer both an online and print edition, allowing for the publication of more works! To submit, email your writing to with your name, major and year (job title if you are a member of faculty or staff.) To submit artwork, please also include the name of the piece and the medium used.

Magnolia’s winter party is a great chance to learn more about the Humanities and English extracurriculars offered to students on campus. If you can’t make it to the winter party Wednesday, Magnolia and the Polite Society will also be co-hosting a pop-up reading in the May Gallery on Dec. 4 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. This event will focus on the pieces created by students in Professor Dana Levin’s Creative Writing Workshop. Though this event will be focused more on previously generated student work, Magnolia team members present at the pop-up reading are available to answer any questions. Like the winter party, all are welcome and refreshments will be provided!

Students who are interested in joining Magnolia may speak to the editor, Erin Gaubatz, or the organization’s supervisor, Dr. Germaine Murray. Magnolia can be taken as internship credit for qualified students for English and graphic design. The designer of last edition’s cover, second-year Anna Kane, said that working with Magnolia was a meaningful  and worthwhile experience. Email Dr. Murray to learn more.


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