Top five movies to watch instead of partying on Halloween


Halloween is a sacred holiday for college night life, inspiring costume parties and other seasonal shenanigans. As students, however, something haunts our nights much more than cat costume malfunctions or impending hangovers: class the next day.

Dr. Art Santirojprapai, program director for Humanities and assistant professor of English at Maryville University, currently teaches a course called Writing for Stage and Screen I. He plans on instructing Writing for Stage and Screen II in Spring 2018.

As a movie lover, and as a man who must get up early tomorrow, like the rest of us, Dr. Santirojprapai gave us a list of his favorite scary movies. Here are his top five horror movies to watch instead of going out on Halloween.

Enjoy! We’ll see you in class.

5. Jacob’s Ladder (1900)
A man returned home from the Vietnam war and was never quite the same. As his mental stability deteriorated and he began to experience hallucinations, his friends and family failed to help him as he went insane.

4. The Descent (2005)
Sarah and her friends went on an outing to explore caves in North Carolina only a year after suffering an emotional tragedy. After traveling underground and finding strange cave drawings, they met the predators whose home they were invading.

3. The Shining (1980)
Jack Torrance saw his new job at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado as a way to overcome his writer’s block and spend time with his family. Not long into their winter stay, his son’s psychic visions intensified as Jack began to unravel after learning the hotel’s dark past.

2. [Rec] (Spain, 2007)
There was a horrifying disease outbreak, and a reporter caught the whole thing on tape with her cameraman. The effects of the disease were unbelievable. Once infected, humans turned into cannibals.

1. Ju-on: The Grudge (Japan, 2002)
Dr. Santirojprapai picked this Japanese film as his top horror movie choice. “The inspiration for a popular US remake and several sequels, the original 2002 film from Japan still keeps me nervously on edge due to its creepy, otherworldly eeriness and always unsettling jump scares.”

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