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Maryville Student Government held a Town Hall meeting Wednesday, Oct. 25. The meetings are designed to give students a chance to ask Maryville president, Dr. Lombardi, any questions they have; this year the questions ranged from technology to new tennis courts. Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.

The new Wi-Fi: Maryville changed the process for student access to Wi-Fi this year, and it caused problems for users early in the semester. Now, the service is running well and has expanded. It requires a username and password for security reasons.

Tuition: The tuition at Maryville is competitive with comparable schools. The cost of attendance has only gone up two percent within the last three years. Tuition is not set to increase next year.

Housing pricing: The price of housing is not scheduled to increase next year. The prices actually went down at the start of this semester.

Scholarship opportunities: Maryville raises money for scholarships every year. Funds are raised through the university and private donors.

Renovations: Maryville plans to renovate rooms, including science labs, in Reid Hall, Kernaghan Hall and the ABAC. It is estimated these renovations will take four years. In addition, 15,000 square feet will be added to the library, and the Art and Design building will be expanded. The library addition will include more study rooms.

New food options: Maryville is currently negotiating with Starbucks in hopes it will replace Kaldi’s. Fresh Ideas is under contract until June, but Maryville is looking into replacing Louie’s with a chain restaurant. Nina Caldwell is involved with all contract negotiations.

New athletic facilities: There are plans to install new tennis courts and softball fields on the land on Conway Road. In addition, a track will be added, and Simon Athletic Center will be renovated. These spaces will be available for all students, not just athletes.

Speed bumps: Some speed bumps were reduced in the summer, but many students have expressed continuous concern about the size and number of speed bumps. Maryville has no plans to remove them.

Accessibility: Maryville has authorized starting construction to make buildings more accessible for students with impaired abilities. The library and the Donius University Center will be the first to be upgraded.

Pool on campus: It is not likely Maryville will get a pool on campus. A pool would cost $2.2 million to install and $800,000 per year to maintain. Leaders at Maryville have indicated they would rather spend the money elsewhere.

Dorm repairs: Students have noted dorms are experiencing minor damages, like holes in the walls or missing carpet. Maryville leaders expressed they will look into fixing any damages brought to their attention by students.

E-Sports: The E-Sports team currently occupies an old study room located in the basement of Mouton. The team will receive a new area when Simon is expanded.

Club sports: Jarrett Fleming is in charge of club sports, but another person will be added to the team. Maryville has 10 club sports.

Diversity and inclusion: Maryville seeks to create a campus community that is open and diverse. The efforts are ongoing. Students expressed concern about the alleged disrespect of a pride flag. The student in question was addressed by Maryville leadership the day following the incident. All students have rights under Maryville’s code of conduct, and Maryville will not allow a pride flag to be burned. Maryville leaders urge all students to speak up about concerns and always offer respect when in a disagreement.

Student growth: The student population is expected to grow by 3,000 individuals within the next three to four years. Maryville has enough room to accommodate approximately 3,000 more students.

Gluten-free issues: Students have noted concerns with cross-contamination between gluten-free options and other food; some have experienced unclear labeling, which causes confusion when assessing food options. The issue is being negotiated at this time, and Fresh Ideas is open to student suggestions.

Advertisements: Students expressed concerns about the return on investment from advertisements at Blues and Cardinals games. Maryville leaders have expressed they want to associate the university with reputable brands to create awareness. They make sure the advertisements are helping the university, and they also help raise money for scholarships.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact members of student government. All information in this article courtesy of Maryville Student Government.

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