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How many people form the band, Pure October, and how did all of you meet?

“Pure October consists of Tom Gederman on Drums, Spencer Peck on Bass guitar, and me on Electric guitar and vocals.  We all actually met in high school at our school’s talent night, known as February Frolics.”

What inspired you to choose the name Pure October?

“Actually, the name Pure October wasn’t originally ours, as none of us are original members of the band.  The first singer that we had came up with the name because it was the time in the year that she wanted to turn some things in her life around.  Since she has left, we’ve adapted the meaning to personify the time of the year when the leaves fall of the trees, and we see this as someone getting rid of all the bad things going on in their life and ‘shedding your dead leaves.'”

What music genre does the band fall under?

“This has always been a hard question for us because we like to play a multitude of genres, as our newest album “The Gullible Guide to Getting By” can tell.  I guess if we had to pick a category to fall into, however, it would definitely be Pop-Punk.”

How do you manage being a full-time student and a member of the band at the same time?

“It actually isn’t too hard to do as long as you stay dedicated.  All of us are actually full-time students, as well.  We practice every Friday for about two hours and schedule shows around our school and work schedules.  In the end, it’s all about good time management, communication and prioritizing.”

How did it feel to hear your song playing on the radio for the first time?

“This is a real fun story.  I was actually driving to go hang out with one of my friends at SLU, and I turn on the radio and hear “ALL RIGHT GUYS WE HAVE A GOOD SHOW COMING FOR YOU ON THE POINT TONIGHT FEATURING BAND A, BAND B, BAND C AND PURE OCTOBER SO STAY TUNED!”

“…and as soon as I heard that, I immediately stopped the car and called my band mates and then my mom.  When the song played I felt like I was on cloud 9.”


Besides making it on the radio, what is one of your favorite band memories thus far?

“Oh, this is a tough one because we’ve had so many good ones.  For me, though, I definitely would say it would be from our album release show that we just had in September.  We ended up packing the venue with over 100 people, including friends, family and fans alike, and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  There were crowd surfers, mosh pits, the whole nine yards.  Overall, the night was just amazing and definitely a memorable one at that.”

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